Semi-random thoughts on the War on Terror

Normally, I slot my afternoon piece to publish at 2:00. With President Bush scheduled to speak at 1:20, I figured I better get my predictions out of the way before he spoke and, quite possibly, invalidated anything I might say.

  • The next grim milestone in Iraq will be when American soldiers killed reach 2,996, equalling the number of victims killed in the 9/11 attacks. The current total appears to be 2,647, so we have a ways to go. Expect the anti-war movement to start galvanizing itself for that morbid occasion shortly after it breaks 2,900.
  • In fact, they might even make a trifecta out of it: Equalling the 9/11 victims, surpassing them, then 3,000.
  • Predicted themes: “Bush’s phony war versus the real war” and “how many have to die before Bush admits it was a mistake?”
  • Also for those interested in counting, the number of “non-existent” Iraqi WMDs found in Iraq since the invasion has passed 700, and is well on its way to 800. Many folks don’t seem to recall that under the terms of Saddam’s 1991 surrender, he not only had to abandon all work on developing WMDs, but publicly account for and destroy all existing stocks. To those who say that these were “old weapons” that were “lost,” I say that ANY regime that just casually misplaces that many chemical warheads that can still be very lethal (again, for the number crunchers, that’s roughly 2 weapons for every 7 Americans killed) ought to be removed just on the basis of gross criminal negligence.
  • For those keeping score at home on the Valerie Plame “scandal,” let me recap one of the ground rules: when the exposer of Valerie Plame is a war supporter like Karl Rove (also known as The Boogeyman and The Great Satan to the left, the father of all things evil and underhanded and nasty, like consistently handing them their asses in elections), it is a high crime worthy not only of being stripped of high office, but of being “frog-marched” by the police, locked up without bothering with a trial, and perhaps even public flogging. When the exposer is someone who didn’t support the war, like Richard Armitage, it’s (as my colleague Lorie Byrd put it) an Emily Litella “never mind” moment.
  • With the bagging of Al Qaeda’s latest #2 man in Iraq, the position is rapidly becoming the “Drummer for Spinal Tap” of the terrorist world. Rumor has it that much jockeying and infighting has been going on within the terrorist world to NOT get that promotion.
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