Katie Couric — Sorry, But It Is Barely Worth A Yawn


I guess I am with Musing Minds on this one. I can’t manage to get excited about Katie Couric being the first female network anchor. I mean, there are plenty of female anchors on the cable news channels, so what is the big deal? The old media is last again. That hardly strikes me as news. As for the diversity thing, when I see some diversity of opinion on the network news, then I will get excited. Actually, come to think of it, I am excited that she was able to get Rush Limbaugh to appear on the CBS News. Now that is news.

Update: Newsbusters has much, much more on Katie’s debut.

Update II: Ha! Tammy Bruce has an entertaining list of observations on the broadcast. The following was my favorite, but the Tom Cruise baby comment is pretty funny too.

Oh, and she wants people to send in suggestions on how she should sign off the show each night. I have an idea, how about “I’m Katie Couric, and while this all sounded like a really good idea, it has become clear after the feedback I’ve received that no matter how hard I try, I won’t be able to hide my leftist bias. So, after just two shows, I’m quitting and will devote the next few years to getting as many Moveon.org candidates elected to office as possible. Oh, I’ll work for Hillary, too. Whatever it takes to get people like George Hitler Bush Macaca out of our hair. Good night, and courage. You’re gonna need it.”

Update III: Ankle Biting Pundits has some suggested sign offs for Katie.

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