Wake up, Animal Planet!

Right after I finish reading about Steve Irwin’s death, I see on Animal Planet a promo for a show tomorrow night. “Tomorrow the Croc Hunter pushes his luck — Whale Sharks Of The Wild West.”

Take a wild ride along a treacherous coast that is rich in wildlife and adventure. Steve, Terri and Bindi swim with dolphins, seals and sharks. Then dive with Steve on the ancient wreck of the Batavia and explore a habitat of Tamar Wallabies and pythons.

This is exactly why networks that are on 24 hours a day should have someone awake and on the board at all times. Someone should have pulled that promo the instant they heard about Irwin’s death — especially since he was killed in the ocean.

Help! Help! We're being oppressed!
Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was Killed


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