Help! Help! We’re being oppressed!

As the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks draws nearer and nearer, we must remind ourselves of the consequences of that terrible day. And we must never, never forget who the greatest victims of the events of that solemn Tuesday.

No, not the nearly 3,000 Americans and guests of our nation. The biggest victims are Muslims living in the United States.

Since that day, when 19 young Muslim men killed nearly 3,000 Americans and guests, destroyed four airliners, two skyscrapers, severely damaged the Pentagon, and caused nearly catastrophic havoc and damage to our nation’s very fabric, Muslims have suffered discrimination and prejudice and hatred.

Such as having a frozen pig’s head thrown into a Maine mosque.

Or a bullet-riddled Koran left on another mosque’s doorstep.



Hey, help me out, folks. I’m out of examples.

Actually, CAIR is demonstrating how well they’ve assimilated into modern American culture. They’ve figured out that it’s not about right or wrong, winning or losing, but who can make the loudest (not even the best) claim to being the victim. And they’re playing that game like pros.

When Muslims in America are anywhere near as endangered as, say, a Jew in Saudi Arabia or A Dane anywhere in the Muslim world (remember, all Danes were guilty because one newspaper published cartoons depicting Mohammed, and that was later extended to all Westerners who didn’t join in condemning the newspaper — and quite a few who did), then I’ll take CAIR’s whining semi-seriously. Or, at least, pretend to. Until that day, all I have to say to them is to ask how many of their past leaders have been arrested and/or deported on charges of supporting terrorists. I’ve lost count.

Thanks for the mammaries, or reason # 3,723 I'm going straight to hell when I die
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