Perky Katie Couric Has an All-Star Line Up Her First Week

Drudge has his siren going for this one:


Plans for the opening week of CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC have surpassed network executives’ wildest dream: Presidents Bush and Clinton, radio king Rush Limbaugh and broadcast legend Walter Cronkite have all agreed to appear, a CBS insider reveals!

A top network source says scheduling of “guest editorials” are still in flux.

But the addition of Rush Limbaugh to the CBS EVENING NEWS is bound to generate maximum commotion and tune-in hits.

Rudy Giuliani and Bill Maher have also signed on to appear in early editions of Couric, a network source explains.

CBS will issue a press release on Monday confirming details of the EVENING NEWS all-star line-up.


Getting Rush to appear is pretty impressive since he doesn’t do these kinds of things anymore.

Lorie adds: Getting Rush to appear is even more incredible considering this insensitive comment Couric made about Rush on the Tonight Show.

Oh, grow up!


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