Delusions of Grandeur

Meet Laura. Laura is a member of the Durham, NC Impeach Bush-Cheney Meet-Up Group, a 15-member-strong organization dedicated to removing the fascistic, evil cabal currently running the country–weather permitting.

Through their spirited displays of political protest, the Durham Impeach Bush folks hope to foment a groundswell of public support against the Bush administration, which would ultimately be unceremoniously tossed from office. From the looks of their feeble “website,” they’d better start working overtime: They’re looking less like a colossal pack of compelling Americans and more like a tiny collection of unhinged loons.

Case in point, dear reader, is Laura. According to her profile, this gal has been a member of the Durham Impeach Bush crowd for all of two weeks. A mother of three who’s a Durham resident, Laura doesn’t seem a likely candidate for the state’s Public Enemy No. 1.

Even so, Laura writes by way of introduction:

Hello, I have 3 children, moved to Durham NC from Chicago 14 years ago. I’m a concerned citizen. I won’t write too much here as we are probably being monitored…

Uh, is she kidding? Does she really believe that the bigwigs in the administration are directing federal resources to track a 15-member organization of dimwitted cooks clutching a handful of “No Blood for Oil” placards? Gosh, doesn’t she think they have anything better to do? Like bite the heads off of children?

Naturally, Laura–if that is her real name–has serious delusions of grandeur. But her foolishness also says something unfortunate for American left-wingers who love to play the civil liberties card.

There are, to be sure, plenty of principled arguments to be had over the benefits and drawbacks of heightened security in this country. You needn’t be a diehard civil libertarian (apt phrase, that) to be concerned about the calculus between our liberties and public safety in our post-9/11 world.

But, at some deep level, the apocalyptic rhetoric from the Left about the purported evils of Bush administration’s Big Brother act doesn’t appeal to the broader American public. The average Joe can tell that we do not, pace Laura, dwell in a country completely indistinguishable from the one depicted in Orwell’s 1984.

An unserious John Dean can prattle on all he wants about the current administration as “proto-fascist,” but the American people–or at least those who know what “fascist” means–will realize that he’s off his rocker. This kind of piffle only appeals to the Lauras of the world, who are sufficiently delusional to think that Dick Cheney is scared stiff about a Durham housewife and a couple of her delusional confreres.

If it were true that the Durham Impeach Bush group had to hide from the nefarious secret police, leftist arguments about civil liberties would have some resonance. But, as things are, they do not have resonance–except to the nutters.

Though The New York Times inveighs against Bush administration security measures ad nauseam, its staff should realize that this is not a winning argument. Best to bring up another subject. Like, say, Joe Wilson.

(Note: The crack young staff normally “weblog” over at “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” where they are currently undertaking a massive sting operation aimed at the member(s) of the Dubuque Impeach Bush-Cheney Meet-Up.)

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