A couple expensive cups of coffee

This isn’t so much a “dumb criminal” story as a “smart victim” story, but the crook was still stupid for not changing his routine for at least a few weeks.

This guy lost his wallet on Monday, and discovered it when his credit card company notified him that he had just bought a big-screen TV and other appliances at Target. He went to the store, reviewed the security tapes, and thought the thief looked familiar — but couldn’t place him.

Then on his drive in to work yesterday, he stopped at his regular Dunkin’ Donuts. And lo and behold, there was the thief — another regular at the same shop. He got the guy’s plate, and the cops nabbed him.

The first guy’s coffee nearly cost him about 2 grand. The second guy’s coffee cost him his freedom and, most likely, his job.

This is exactly why I keep my wallet in my front pocket, and periodically tap it to make sure it’s still present. Not that I ever have much in it, but just the same…

(Update: “Nearly” added to next to last paragraph. Sorry for the poor phrasing, and thanks to goddessoftheclassroom for pointing out my error…)

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