Wizbang Day At The Examiner

Mark Tapscott says it must be Wizbang Blog Day at the Examiner because Kevin and I both have pieces published there today.

Kevin’s column is about Katrina and how we should forget everything we thought we knew because much of it is wrong.

My column is about how candidates who fully utilize the blogosphere are practicing smart politics.

If you have not been reading the online version of the Examiner regularly, check it out now. One of my all time favorite political reporters, Bill Sammon, is now at the Examiner, but there is much more there than politics. One of my favorite sections is called “Strange.” The “strange” section contains weird, funny and strange stories from around the world, so you gotta love that. There is plenty for others who aren’t as strange as I am to love too, though. The layout makes it really easy to jump from section to section and everything is organized in a way that makes it quick to catch up on the latest. This is one you will probably want to bookmark.

Kevin adds: In case it’s not obvious, the Examiner column is a joint work between Paul and myself. When I checked last the piece was the top ranked post at the Examiner (# 1 of 7,125 articles), credit for which goes to all of Paul’s hard work on the story. The rewrite was interesting, as it forced us to address the story (without photos) to an print audience that didn’t have links to the details, The 750 word limit on the piece and the lack of images necessitated a different approach to presenting the the information contained in Paul’s original piece – The Katrina Video Congress Didn’t Want You To See.

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