Twenty-two Banks Bombed Simultaneously In Thailand

Jim Hoft has a great roundup of pictures and links to news reports, including the following.

Thai police said that eight of the bombs went off in the capital of Yala province while seven exploded in the province’s outlying districts on Thursday morning.

The army said that Muslim separatists had placed most bombs in or near banks to cause maximum civilian casualties as people collected their wages at the end of the month.

General Ongkorn Thongprasom, the senior army officer in the region, said: “We received some intelligence reports, but we did not anticipate it would happen inside banks, especially on the last day of the month. We don’t believe they are that cruel.”That last line should be surprising considering terrorists have murdered many thousands all over the world and are known to torture and behead their victims. It really isn’t though. Far too many still underestimate their cruelty and ruthlessness, and they do so at their own peril.

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