A truly distasteful posting

This is quite possibly one of the most painful pieces I’ve ever had to write.

Senator Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy did something decent, something right, and I am compelled to point it out.

An Army Reserve unit based out of Keene, NH had returned home from Iraq. But the Army, in its infinite wisdom, plopped them back in Indiana, then offered them bus tickets the rest of the way home.

But then Ted Kennedy stepped in.

Although the unit is based in Keene, it has a lot of Massachusetts residents among its members. And Ted, never one to miss an opportunity to help some constituents, arranged for a chartered plane to bring them to Boxboro, Massachusetts.

Let me just get a few snide remarks out of the way: no, I don’t know if he picked up the tab himself, as the story implies, or if he pulled some strings and got the government to play for the flight. And yes, I’m glad he arranged for a plane and didn’t offer to drive them himself.

Well done, Ted. Why can’t you do more things like this, and spend less time being… well… Ted Kennedy?

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