The Emmys’ Plane Crash Skit

People are talking about the Emmys’ plane crash skit, a spoof of the TV show Lost, that was done last night, the same day as the tragic plane crash in Kentucky that killed 49 people.

Ian at Hot Air has the video of the skit and says this:

On the other hand, if the Comair crash had happened on the Left Coast, would NBC have gone through with the skit?

Mary Katharine writes this:

The Kentucky plane crash happened at 6 a.m. There was plenty of time to alter the intro of the Emmys to something more respectful. It wouldn’t have been polished and post-produced, but it would have been polite.

Ace also comments:

I don’t know– should the intro to the show have been cut? Given how brief and seemingly truncated the Conan plane-crash bit is, it maybe was substantially cut at the 11th hour, to keep the basics of it (plane crash to allow Lost) parody) while keeping the actual plane-crash stuff to a minimum.

There was a horrible disaster last night. But plane crashes are always horrible, and happen on occasion. Should Snakes on a Plane be pulled from theaters, too?

They all make good points. Unfortunately, though, the folks in Hollywood last night probably didn’t even know there was a plane crash. The Hollywood-types are so far removed, not only physically but emotionally as well, from what happens in fly-over country that the producers and the stars in attendance might as well be on another planet.

Update: I missed this nasty remark from Conan about Fox News being fake news. As Greg Tinti said, normally this wouldn’t be anything worth writing about except that two of Fox’s journalists, kidnapped by terrorists and held for two weeks in Gaza, had just been released that same day. I certainly wouldn’t call that fake news.

Ed Driscoll: “…there’s no doubt that NBC has definitely hit an iceberg’s worth of bad PR tonight.”

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