A Must Read On The Israel – Hezbollah Conflict

For a perspective much different than the one most news organizations have reported, read Dan Gordon’s piece at The American Thinker.

Contrary to what is now the accepted wisdom in the media, Hezb’allah in its recent offensive against Israel neither “badly bloodied the Israel Defense Force,” nor “fought it to a standstill” in Southern Lebanon. In fact, the opposite is the case. By any legitimate measure Hezb’allah was handed a resounding military defeat by the IDF in the recent fighting, and while the cancer that is Hezb’allah was not cured by Israel’s soldiers, it was put into remission.

He also takes a look at what is at stake.

The soldiers of the IDF bought their country’s and the International Community’s political leadership a chance to keep the Iranian/Hezb’allah cancer in remission. If that opportunity is squandered, no future Israeli political leadership will dare to limit its war aims again to simply creating conditions on the ground that will enable the International Community not just to protect Israel’s legitimate rights and interests but their own. When one is faced with an apocalyptic fascist enemy which not only employs a terrorist foreign legion to do its bidding, but seeks to acquire nuclear weapons which it clearly announces will be part of its strategy to wipe you and your country, your family and all your loved ones off the face of the earth, there is no proportional response.

If this indeed was the equivalent of the Spanish Civil War, then the world must know that what followed was one last chance before the abyss. For the Jewish people and the State of Israel, that abyss contains the very Holocaust which Ahmadinijad both denies and vows to complete. We will not accommodate the International Community by acquiescing to our own destruction.

This situation, however, is not just Israel’s problem. We are but the Little Satan. America and the West to the Islamofascists are the great Satan. It would be a simple matter indeed for Iran, in flexing its muscles against America, to dispatch Hezb’allah terrorists to Northern Mexico. There, equipped with little more than the very same rockets used to target Haifa, Hezb’allah could target Los Angeles. Now picture that scenario with even a modest nuclear payload. It would no longer be a question of how we stop terrorists from getting into the United States. With the same rocketry they used against Israeli citizens, Iran’s terrorist army would only need to get into Northern Mexico in order to hit America’s second largest city with a nuclear device. What then would America do? Invade Mexico? Read the entire column. Gordon also addresses how the press was manipulated by Hezbollah, Israel’s military goals which were achieved, and much more.

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