She sells sanctuary, or risky business

In Dorchester, Massachusetts, the Ella J. Baker House puts itself forth as a “sanctuary” for youth at risk. It turns out that it was a little bit more, too.

A program director, 35-year-old Derrick Patrick, apparently found himself drawn to one of the girls staying there, a troubled 17-year-old. Police say he thought he could help her out a little, with a bit of cash. And in exchange, he also enjoyed her favors.

It also turns out that another guy at the house, a volunteer, is also being charged with distributing cocaine.

Need I mention that the House is run largely from state grants? That it’s taxpayer money is going to support this?

Maybe that’s Massachusetts logic. Keep troubled youth off the streets by letting them indulge in drugs and prostitution in state-funded “sanctuary” houses.

Well, it keeps down the street crime, I guess…

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