The Fraudulent Ambulance Story

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Rembember this ambulance that the media said Israel deliberately bombed?


Dan Riehl thought something didn’t look right and wrote a great post in which he argued that the ambulance couldn’t have been hit with a missile.

Now Zombietime picked up the ball and put together a fantastic piece which thoroughly debunks the “ambulance was bombed” lie that was spread all over the world by a willing media. Here’s part of Zombie’s introduction:

On the night of July 23, 2006, an Israeli aircraft intentionally fired missiles at and struck two Lebanese Red Cross ambulances performing rescue operations, causing huge explosions that injured everyone inside the vehicles. Or so says the global media, including Time magazine, the BBC, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and thousands of other outlets around the world. If true, the incident would have been an egregious and indefensible violation of the Geneva Convention, and would constitute a war crime committed by the state of Israel.

But there’s one problem: It never happened.

* * *

Of all the exposés and scandals surrounding the media’s coverage of the Israel-Hezbollah conflict in Lebanon, The Red Cross Ambulance Incident stands out as the most serious. The other exposés were spectacular in their simplicity (photographers staging scenes, clumsy attempts at Photoshopping images), but often concerned fairly trivial details. What does it matter whether there was a big cloud of smoke over Beirut, or a really big cloud of smoke, as one notorious doctored photograph showed? The fact that the media was lying was indeed extremely important, and justified the publicity surrounding the exposés — but what they were lying about was often minor, a slight fudging of the visuals to exaggerate the damage.

Read the whole thing. It’s long, but it’s worth the time.

Update: Check out Michelle Malkin‘s post on this topic. She not only has a great summary of Zombie’s post but also contact information for the media outlets that covered the fraudulent ambulance story.

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