McCain on Iraq

I am not a big fan of McCain and I have made no secret of it, but I did frequently temper my criticism of him with praise for the way he had supported the mission in Iraq. Lately though, he has changed his tune. Glenn Reynolds has a must read post, with links to more, about McCain’s Iraq turnabout.

MCCAIN IS BASHING BUSH ON IRAQ, and some people are pretty angry at him for backstabbing.

The substance of McCain’s claim is pretty weak: I don’t recall Bush ever saying that Iraq would be a “day at the beach,” and in fact casualties to date are considerably lower than what was generally expected for the ground war to Baghdad, where you generally heard figures in the 10,000 range. It’s more the duration, and the extent of the bad press, that has exceeded expectations, really, though McCain’s pretty sensitive to bad press.

But this isn’t a “backstab.” In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were choreographed by Karl Rove. Democrats forget it, but Bush doesn’t matter much from the perspective of 2008, and if the GOP can get mileage out of Bush-bashing, it will.

Update: Laura Lee Donoho is not loving McCain’s new position on Iraq.

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