“The Hill” Offers A Glimpse Inside Capitol Hill


If you’ve ever been curious about what goes on in a Congressional office, The Sundance Channel’s new reality show “The Hill” gives you cramped quarters access to busy, idealistic Hill staffer as they go about their daily business in late 2004 and through 2005.

Consisting of six half-hour episodes, “The Hill” focuses on the inner-workings of the office of Congressman Robert Wexler (Democrat, 19th district, Florida), as he battles Republicans, The President, and sometimes even his own party, on politically sensitive issues such as, Social Security reform and the war in Iraq. Wexler is somewhat of a bit player in the series, as director Ivy Meeropol focuses on Wexler’s Chief of Staff Eric Johnson, Communications Director Lale Mamaux, Foreign Policy Advisor and Legislative Assistant Halie Soifer, Legislative Director Jonathan Katz and Congressman Wexler.

As a “see how the other side operates” event the series looks somewhat interesting. Mamaux and Soifer’s boy troubles – dating Republicans is quite the taboo – make for interesting is occasionally annoying viewing, but Johnson’s gay former Republican shtick is every bit as cliche ridden as you’d expect it to be…

“The Hill” premiere’s tonight on The Sundance Channel at 9PM.

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