Bicyclist engages in fowl play with cops

Pretty much anyone who has ever driven a car in a city has encountered the arrogant bicyclist — the idiot on two self-propelled wheels who has determined that traffic laws don’t quite apply to himself. They’re a motor vehicle when convenient, a pedestrian when they choose, and neither if they don’t feel like it. They think themselves invincible and absolutely morally superior to all others on the road, and woe unto any who think to challenge their right to go where they want, when they want, however they want.

Fortunately, their numbers are few. Most of the bicyclists I’ve encountered have a healthy respect for me and my car, considering that we outweigh them by up to a factor of 20 to 1. I tend to think that it’s a combination of common sense being a smidgen more common than normal and plain old applied Darwinism — the worst tend to “manage” themselves right off the road.

In Framingham, Massachusetts, one of these idiots with more gear speeds than brain cells decided to blast up a one-way street against traffic — and forced a car to swerve out of his way in a decidedly suicidal variant of “playing chicken.”

Unfortunately for him, the car turned out to be an unmarked police car.

The police gave chase and caught him, when he (and this is the real indicator of the guy’s intelligence) pulled a utility knife on the cops.

EVERYONE knows you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, but this guy tried it anyway.

The cops refrained from shooting him, and instead he’s in jail.

On second thought, maybe it was a good thing that it was a police car he played chicken with. The cops were good enough drivers to avoid killing him, and by arresting him they at least postponed his eventual splattering, mosquito-like, across the front of a vehicle.

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