Update On Kidnapped Fox News Team

Michelle Malkin has an update on the story of the kidnapped Fox News team of Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig. Michelle wonders why there is not more outrage, or more coverage.

Whatever the reason, I find the apparent apathy about Centanni and Wiig’s kidnapping grossly disturbing. Centanni is not just a fellow journalist. He is a fellow American. He is missing. And there should be a hell of a lot more outrage about it than I’ve seen so far–from the media, from our government, from our nation.

She is absolutely right that all of us should be outraged by such actions. I wrote about the kidnapping here last week, but have not updated since then for a couple of reasons and neither is due to apathy or lack of outrage. The first reason is that, as far as I was aware, there has been no news of a development in the matter. The other reason, actually the main reason, I have not said more about it is that I was following the lead of Fox News, who had instructed their on air people not to report on the kidnapping.

Since the last I heard, and what I posted last week, was that there was some type of negotiation underway, and since Fox was instructing their employees not to mention it on air, I assumed they had concerns that some forms of publicity might negatively affect the outcome. I don’t know whether or not that is the case, though. There are other reasons Fox could be keeping this very low profile. Hopefully we will find out the reasons why following a safe release of Centanni and Wiig. Read Michelle’s post for links to recent reports on the kidnapping and continue to pray for their speedy release.

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