Blogging may be heavy today…

…as fate has conspired to give me plenty of time to blog.

The Mighty Shaggin’ Wagon is a wondrous thing, but even she has her limits.

Among them is apparently 10 inches of standing water.

So instead of racking up the OT at work today, I’m a hundred bucks lighter for the tow and hoping like hell she’ll start up when she dries out.

On the plus side, the police were glad to let me name the portion of Amherst Street “Lake Jay” in honor of my discovery.

Mr. Duckie was briefly imperiled, but stayed high and dry on the dashboard.

I am very loath to ask for help, but if anyone would care to visit the “donate” button and whisper my name in Kevin’s ear, I would be tremendously grateful…

Jay and the giant imPeachment
Waiting for the call to jihad against red tape