United Flight out of Heathrow Diverted to Boston

It was bound for Washington Dulles International but because of an unruly female passenger, the pilot declared an emergency. Fighter jets intercepted the plane and escorted it to Boston.

Check out Hot Air for the background.

From the The Boston Globe:

A United Airlines flight from London to Washington, D.C. was diverted to Logan International Airport after an unruly female passenger had to be restrained by passengers and was later arrested by State Police.

There were also reports that after searching the woman’s carry-on luggage, authorities found “prohibited items,” though federal officials are now denying those reports.

George Naccara, federal security director for the Transportation Security Administration for Massachusetts’ airport, said, “I don’t know what she had on board with her, but we have been told she did not have a screwdriver, she did not have any liquids such as Vaseline, and any notebook she may have had, it did not contain an al-Qaida reference. There was speculation in the beginning of all those items, but those have been proven untrue.”

The diversion of flight 923 was not terrorism-related though there was concern about the flight’s security, officials said.

United spokesman Brandon Borrman said a female passenger was spotted engaging in some “suspicious” activity, but he could not immediately say what the activity was.

There is still contradictory reports that she had some forbidden items on board. From The Blotter:

The woman, a 47-year-old U.S. citizen and a resident of Vermont wearing a college sweatshirt and acting aggressively, was searched.

She had loose matches, literature in a foreign language that had been downloaded from a computer and printed and a partially open container of petroleum jelly. She did not have a screwdriver, contrary to previous media reports.

A bottle of water she was carrying was marked with the airline logo and appears it may have been given to her once onboard. Earlier reports suggested she had slipped the bottle as well as the petroleum jelly through security in London. Police now say they are investigating to be certain it was obtained onboard. It remains unclear how the petroleum jelly got onboard.

Mary Katharine Ham, guest blogging for Michelle Malkin, notes that there is a lot more contradictory information including this:

Apparently the above denial that she was carrying banned items came from Phil Orlandella, spokesman for Boston’s Logan International Airport. That’s who Fox attributed it to, but Orlandella was also the source who originally said she had the items.

Ace is also following the story and offers his comments:

Now comes the lecturing and hectoring about “overreactions” and “anti-Muslim backlash.”

Root causes, baby. We wouldn’t overreact if you weren’t always trying to murder us.

You must understand the non-Islamic point of view.

Which is, basically: Stop trying to kill us.

Update: Massachussetts governor Mitt Romney held a press conference and confirmed that she did have some prohibited items.

Update II: A spokesman from United said that the female passenger engaged in suspicious behavior but didn’t elaborate.

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