Doing the political bunnyhop

This morning’s Boston Herald has a story about their Lieutenant Governor, Kerry Murphy Healey. She’s running to succeed her boss, Mitt Romney, this fall. On a recent tour of a seafood plant in New Bedford, she was obligated to wear a hair net in certain areas. And with the memory of John Kerry in the NASA bunny-suit and Michael Dukakis riding in a tank, her staff forbid the press from getting any pictures of her with her hair bundled up in a hairnet.

This is one thing that really irritates me.

I was, quite frankly, disappointed with the folks who had loads of fun at Kerry’s expense over that photo. I am one of John Kerry’s bigger detractors, but that photo was not something to mock him over. Well, maybe a little — it was a silly-looking photo, and Kerry’s trip to NASA was more grandstanding than anything else, but the mockery focused on how ridiculous he looked.

While yeah, he did look ridiculous, but that’s not his fault.

Certain types of places require certain sartorial concessions. When one is riding in a tank, one should wear a helmet. When in a NASA “clean room” environment, you put on the bunny suit. When you enter a Japanese home or a mosque, you take off your shoes.

And if you go into a food-preparation plant, you put on a hairnet.

I can understand why Healey’s staff didn’t want pictures of her wearing the hairnet. It would have been a cheap gag for her opponents, and none of those seeking the Democratic nomination strike me as being above such a stunt.

Nonetheless, I still think it’s a damned shame that such things are considered worthy of derision.

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