Kossacks Weigh in on Mike Wallace’s Interview

The Jawa Report has a collection of comments made over at the Daily Kos about the Mike Wallace/Mahmoud Ahmadinejad interview and they are shocking. I thought I could no longer be shocked by things that far leftists could come up with, but I was wrong. Here are a few of them:

At least it sounded like he takes time in the day to stay current on things other than his own narrow focused agenda (meaning Bush’s way).

As to any statements regarding Israel and the Holocaust – we don’t know of anyone who uses inflammatory rhetoric, do we?

Sadly, due to Mike Wallace’s condescending behavior and the own demonstrated incompetence and obtuseness of George Bush, I couldn’t help thinking that in another time and place, Ahmadinejad with his education and obviously quick wit would have been more than a match for the dolt we have running our country.

And get this one:

Iran has no such history of instability, and is in fact one of the few stable democracies in the mideast – even though it might not be a form you or I might like, as it’s closer to the religious democracy right-wing Christians would prefer. When only one antagonistic power in a region has nukes, you can argue that it’s an unstable situation, such as when India had them before Pakistan. Right now, only Israel has them in the mideast, and has indicated a willingness to use them. Iran is in a dangerous neighborhood, with 3 antagonistic nuclear powers within striking range of its territory. And the most dangerous, aggressive, hostile nuclear power in the world, the US, has made threats against it.

This one is really unbelievable:

Let’s see: the NPT specifically ALLOWS uranium enrichment as well as other technical research. There is no apparent evidence to date, according to the UN, that Iran has a weapons program. You seem to assume there is one because…the Bush administration says there is? What other assumptions have you swallowed from Bush?

In my view, Iran NEEDS nuclear weapons, if only to hold the US at bay – a government which has made clear threats against Iran, has a previous history in overthrowing Iran’s democracy, and a recent history in waging unprovoked war against one of Iran’s neighbors. Further, Iran is now bordered on two sides by the military forces of that same government.

Iran’s lunatic leader, who routinely threatens the United States and Israel, simply utters a few cliche liberal talking points during his interview and the Kossacks fall all over themselves to support him.

Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal has a comprehensive list of questions that Mike Wallace, if he really wanted to do a probing interview with Ahmadinejad, should have asked him. They are all really good. But this one caught my attention:

Q: Another of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi’s disciples, Mohsen Ghorouian, has said it is “only natural” for Iran to have nuclear weapons as a “countermeasure” to the U.S. and Israel. And one of your regime’s hardliners, Hojjat-ol-Islam Baqer Kharraz, was recently quoted as saying that “we are able to produce atomic bombs and we will do that.” Do you disavow these statements, given your repeated insistence that Iran’s nuclear programs are for peaceful purposes only? A:

Compare Ghurouian’s statement defending Iran’s nuclear program to the last Kossack statement quoted above. Yes, Kossacks are parroting Iranian Mullah talking points to defend Iran’s nuclear program. The far leftists can’t get any more anti-American than that.

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