And They Can Save Your Life Too

This woman’s breast implants protected her from shrapnel that would have probably seriously injured her:

One Israeli woman has received an unexpected boost from her breast implants during the Lebanon war — the silicone embeds saved her life during a Hezbollah rocket attack, a doctor said.

“This is an extraordinary case, but it’s a fact that the silicone implants prevented her from a more serious and deeper wound,” Jacky Govrin, of the hospital in Nahariya that treated the woman, told army radio Tuesday.

“The young woman went through surgery two years ago to have a larger chest,” he said. “During the war she was wounded in the chest by shrapnel” that got stuck in the implants instead of penetrating further.

The woman did not emerge from her ordeal completely unscathed, however.

“The shrapnel was removed but the implant had to be replaced,” Govrin said.

Heh. How about an army of Pam Andersons?

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