Techno Grumbles

After work yesterday, I swung by CompUSA to check out their assortment of Trackballs, wireless keyboards, and mice. And I was sorely disappointed.

As I understand it, Microsoft first brought the scroll wheel to the mouse, and I have been in love with that feature since I first used one. And for some reason, the standard Microsoft mouse form perfectly fits my hand — Logitech may make fine products, but they just don’t “feel” right to my largish hand.

But for some unknown reason, Microsoft has decided to ruin their perfect mouse. Nearly all the newer models have disposed of one of the most tactilely satisfying elements, the detents (“clicks”) in the scroll wheel. They freely spin, without any confirming feedback that one is actually achieving something. I spent 20 minutes playing with various mice, and not one suited me.

Then I moved on to keyboards. I prefer a wireless keyboard, as it lets me lean back from the desk and type away furiously. And in the last couple of days since I switched back to my Microsoft ergonomic keyboard, I find I rather like having it back. But you simply can’t get a wireless keyboard without paying for a mouse, too — and I’m happy with my current mouse.

Right now, I’m using the ergo keyboard and an improvised wrist pad (a folded-over pair of brand new tube socks), and they seem to be helping. I’m also considering ginabina’s suggestion about wrapping my wrist in ace bandages at night.

Finally, a certain fellow Granite Stater has offered to put me in touch with a superb orthopedist who is apparently legendary with wrist problems.

My thanks to all the suggestions, and I hope this will help me get back to my normal level of productivity.

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