Last Week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

Last week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ was, as usual, a big hit. The entries were excellent from top to bottom, making the judging very hard. The assignment was to caption the following picture:

Drought in Spain : Sunflowers grow in a dry field on Villa-Viejas' farm land near Cuenca. (AFP/Pedro Armestre)

” class=

Here are the winning entries:

1) (markm) – John Kerry: “If I were president, this wouldn’t have happened.

2) (La Mano) – ““BUSH LIED; FLOWERS DIED!”

3) (Bangalore) – “Progressives ‘Field of Dreams’

Honorable Mention

4) (Peter F.) – “Fascism is on the rise. Too many Americans want to retreat in isolationism. And the heartland is turning into a dustbowl. Woo-hoo, it’s the 1930s all over again!

5) (914) – “Alright Mr Gore..You win.. Now turn on the fricking spigot!!

6) (Ken) – “But its a dry heat.

The Ripped From Last Month’s Headlines Award goes to:

(Rodney Dill) – “Al Zarqawi, STILL pushing up daisies.

Winners for this weeks contest will follow in a few minutes…

Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners
Cell Phone Terrorists Planned to Target Mackinac Bridge


  1. Peter F. August 14, 2006
  2. La Mano August 14, 2006