Honoring A Slavemaster In Harlem

Val Prieto, guest blogging for Michelle Malkin, writes about a celebration in Harlem in honor of Cuban slavemaster, Fidel Castro.

Make no bones about it: Cuba is an island of slaves. What else does one call a place where the people eat what one man feeds them; work at what one man decides that they work on; march when one man tells them to march; say what one man tells them to say and think only what one man tells them to think. What else do you call a place where the people are kept from progressing as individuals, where the people are kept away from information, where people are isolated from the rest of the world?

Cuba is just one big island plantation.

And now, in a country that sacrificed hundreds of thousands of its sons over a century ago in a war to eliminate slavery, we have people taking to the streets in celebration of the life of a slaveowner.

This only goes to prove just how far the left will go to advance its anti-American agenda: they will ignore human rights violations, they will ignore affronts on basic civil rights, they will ignore their own history and they will ignore right from wrong.

And they will take to the streets today and show us all their ignorance.Readers familiar with recent statements by Charlie Rangel are probably not surprised. Be sure to read Prieto’s entire post, including the quote from the news story that includes a reference to the impeachment of President Bush. (That seems to be quite a popular theme lately among the Castro-loving Bush-hating types.)

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