Another Example of Bush Derangement Syndrome

Kitty pointed me to the following quote from a Cindy Adams’ NY Post column.

AFTER this attempt at airlines terrorism out of Britain, one anti-war Dem commented: “Hoping to kill 3,000 people at one shot? Wouldn’t that have been lucky for Bush?”

I will never forget being at a family Easter gathering at the beach following the Oklahoma City bombing. Watching a news report showing Bill Clinton giving a speech, someone in the room (who I would like to make clear was not a family member) made the comment that “this” might be “good” in that it might raise Clinton’s sagging poll numbers. I have been a poltiical junkie for as long as I can remember, and I often consider the political consequences of events even when I would prefer not to, but I still remember how that comment sickened me and I have never forgotten it.

I am so used to hearing comments similar to the one in the Cindy Adams column that I am not shocked anymore, but I am still sickened. From the comments and actions of some on the left, I cannot help but conclude that there are some whose greater distress over hearing of a terrorist attack killing thousands would not be for those lost and their grieving family members left behind, but would be at the prospect that George Bush’s poll numbers would tick up a few notches.

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