Who Broke The UK Terror Story?

I’ll have to admit, when I read the following claim from Dave Winer (repeated elsewhere) I was intrigued:

Yesterday we got the scoop on the news of the terrorist threat from a blogger, Doc Searls. He beat the mainstream reporters, who were (presumably) waiting for official word from the governments, because he was there, at Logan Airport, experiencing the event first-hand.

Of course the fact it’s complete nonsense seriously detracts from Winer’s blatant display of blogger triumphantalism…

At 3:49 AM ET Wizbang was already linking to numerous wire reports that the terrorist ring had been busted. By 4:30 AM ET Lorie Byrd was already three updates into the story and recapping SkyNews, BBC, MSNBC, and Fox coverage; and there had already been two early morning news conferences in Britain.

While it’s possible Searls was the first to note the ripple of flight delays due to increased screening at US airports, in no sense did he “break” the terrorism story, nor did he “beat” mainstream reporters. The whole story was, at that point, at least an hour old and being heavily reported before he ever fired up his laptop. The story was being reported exactly where one would expect it to be reported – in the UK – and Lorie was in the right place (awake) at the right time (the middle of the night) to disseminate information form news outlets like the BBC and SkyNews.

Trying to claim the UK Terror story as a triumph of blogging over the mainstream media is ridiculous, which is why I was unsurprised to see Winner attempt such a feat….

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