Lieberman 46%, Lamont 41%

Feel the Joementum!

Rasmussen Reports growing support for Joe Lieberman, and waning support for Ned Lamont. Yeah, yeah, I can already see the wheels turning from the PR folks, so don’t get me started on political naivety. No Republican has a chance in this state, nor was anyone thinking that one would.

However, this is clearly a left-leaning state, but the balance of power is in jeopardy. The far-left is in a direct face-off with the moderate left. It’s the direction the state is going to go we’re looking at. I’ve never been a believer in polls, and I don’t trust them, but sometimes they’re telling. That’s why I was surprised by one line in the story from Rasmussen explaining from whence this influx of Lieberman support is coming.

Republican Alan Schlesinger earns just 6% of the vote, down from 13% a month ago.

A 7% drop for the seemingly hapless Republican candidate, but it seems that Connecticut voters are picking their fights, and choosing the most conservative candidate who has a chance to win. As I mentioned before, a Republican has as much of a chance in Connecticut as I do with Jessica Alba, so that was never in doubt. It is telling, then, that indicators are that they will vote for the more moderate candidate.

This now opens a question in my mind: does this mean Connecticut is becoming more conservative? No, not Texas-style “hang ’em high” type conservatism, but less blue and more purple? I think so. It is the opinion of this writer that moderates are beginning to feel uncomfortable – and even unwelcome – in the Democratic Party.

We shall wait, in eager anticipation, on the spin that comes from this. I can already guess what’s going to happen, even without checking all the links at memeorandum. You can be sure we’ll keep developments like this here, and at Wizbang Politics.

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