It’s all in the wrist

Friday, I rather cryptically alluded to some “health” and “financial” concerns that were conspiring to thwart my blogging. They haven’t eased up much, but I figured I owed folks a little bit of explanation.

First up, the health issue. For the last few weeks, I’ve been getting more and more pain in my right wrist. It’s gotten to the point where writing my stereotypical long-winded pieces is uncomfortable to downright painful. I’m hoping that it’s just poor support for my mouse hand and plan to invest in a new mousepad with a wrist rest, but I’m worried it could be carpal tunnel syndrome. I’m seeing my doctor next week, and that will be high on my agenda.

Secondly, the financial one. I had several hefty bills all hit me at once (including some for my beloved Shaggin’ Wagon), and at the same time the opportunity to work some extra hours at The Day job arose. Since the wrist pain doesn’t interfere much with that work, I took it.

Between the two, blogging had to take a back seat. I still have the ideas and the words and the desire, but circumstances are not cooperating. My spirit is willing, but my flesh is proving weak again.

I’m working on a couple right now, and one of them might turn out to be so long I’ll have to split it in two, but I don’t know just when I’ll get them finished and published.

As I said Friday, this is NOT a sign of burnout, and I have NO interest in quitting blogging — even temporarily. I just have to figure out how to work around yet another way my decades of neglecting my body and health are coming back and biting me on the ass.

(Update: I should have been clearer: I meant that my wrist problem very well could be a consequence of ignoring early warning signs, something I’ve done with several other physical problems over the years to my detriment. I’ve also semi-retired my wireless keyboard and dragged my wired ergonomic keyboard out of storage, and am using that at home. With luck, that’ll help.)

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