The Green Helmet of Shame

Since Jay is taking some time off, I’m “guest-blogging” an essay to help fill the gap.

The German media (of all people) have been outting Green Helmet Guy. First they dug up pictures of him parading around dead babies in 1996. Then a recent video of him directing the media on how to best get footage of dead babies in 2006.

The implications of this go far beyond what most observers have noted. It is doubtful that Green Helmet Guy spent the last decade elsewhere and returned to Qana just last week. It’s also a safe bet that international news agencies such as Reuters and AP have had a presence in the area the whole time.

It strains credulity that the media in the area didn’t know this guy was a Hezbollah PR flack. After all, it is their job to know who is who in the region. In fact, it is abundantly obvious they knew exactly who he was and have worked with him for the last 10 years. WHICH I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH… until the caption says he’s a rescue worker.

That’s where the accusations of bias end and the evidence of being a propaganda mouthpiece begin. This isn’t a simple mistake, it isn’t even their own bias skewing their work… It is a lie pure and simple, they knew who he was and reported otherwise.

This is actually worse then Eason Jordan admitting that CNN allowed Saddam to dictate what they reported in exchange for access. At least CNN didn’t lie about who Saddam was. (Although they did cover the fraud elections.)

While the mainstream media loves to bash bloggers for not having the layers of editors and fact checker or for sitting in an air conditioned home playing photo-editor, they now been caught purposely lying about demonstrable facts.

In effect, their whole coverage for the last decade has been “Photoshopped” from start to finish.

I think the people who have perpetrated this fraud should pay a heavy cost.

In keeping with the times, I think the editorial staffs of the various news agencies caught in these lies should have a green helmet tattooed on their arm, so everyone will know how much they can be trusted as journalists.

Update: One of our readers passed along a proposed badge… though he notes the media would probably call it a badge of honor.


Alternatively, they could choose a green football if they’d prefer.

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