…just don't question our support for the troops!

Currently, the state of Massachusetts is in halfway decent shape, financially. They currently have about a billion dollars in their “rainy-day fund,” and tax revenues are OK. But things like that aren’t guaranteed to last forever, so some lawmakers are looking for ways to save money.

One way they found to save $8 million dollars was by cutting funding for one really silly, wasteful, useless program: college tuition waivers for returning war veterans.

The program has been around for a while, but the legislature just decided to not fund it this year.

That’s the way the Massachusetts legislature handles matters they don’t like: they just ignore them and hope they’ll go away, and that the voters will forget about them come election day. They did that with a public referendum rolling back taxes, they did that with gay marriage, and now they’re screwing over those who risked their lives and limbs in service to our country — in the face of their own promises.

Normally, I am loath to make an issue explicitly partisan, but in this case I am going to make an exception. It must never — never — be forgotten that while Massachusetts’ governor and Lieutenant Governor are Republicans, the legislature is monolithically Democrat. They hold over 86% of the House and 85% of the Senate. On any given day, one out of five Democratic legislators can play hooky, and they can STILL override the governor’s vetoes on a strictly partisan vote.

I strongly suspect that this will not stand. Even in Massachusetts, the public outrage ought to be too much to let this one slide by.

Then again, no one ever went broke betting on Massachusetts doing the right thing.

Sock it to him!
Michael Moore to Pro-War Democrats: Fall into Line or We Will Destroy You


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