How do I decieve thee? Let me count the ways

Yesterday, I speculated that Reuters’ very public firing of freelance photographer Adnan Hajj was no guarantee that the flagrant fraud would end.

Well, that was speculation, utterly unfounded in anything resembling facts, but I might have been pretty damned close to the mark.

Rusty Shackleford, the head honcho of The Jawa Report, has been going over Reuters’ photos with a degree of intensity that borders on the proctological. And he’s found another photographer whose work bears an astonishing resemblance to that of the no-longer-welcome-at-Reuters Mr. Hajj’s. Further, Mr. Issam Kobeisy appears to be a recent acquisition of Reuters — Rusty could find no Google trace of him prior to mid-July of this year.

Reuters’ deceptions and outright frauds are getting more and more complex. It’s getting to the point where you need a special guide to sort out the various and sundry methods of their chicaneries. I wish someone would come up with a breakdown of their methods and techniques and styles.

Oh, wait, here’s one.

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