Lieberman's Campaign Website Hacked


On the day of the primary in Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman’s campaign website has been offline all day. According to spokesman for Senator Joe Lieberman, their campaign website ( has been under a denial of service attack since yesterday evening. TPMmuckraker has e-mail from the hosting company confirming that it’s not an overdue account, but rather a denial of attack.

This note is to confirm that the suspension of displaying the website was not due to to an overdue account. Friends of Joe Lieberman is completely paid in full. The screen that showed yesterday is a default image from the server. In order to isolate where the denial of service attack was coming into the site, we disabled it as rapidly as possible. Once we were able to isolate all the site files for study we were able to add an appropriate one-page maintenance message.

Lieberman’s people claim it that pro-Lamont nutrooters are behind the attack.

Expect another round of Ned Lamont saying, “I don’t know anything about the blogs”

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