Lanny Davis On Left Wing Nuttery And Left Wing Bloggers Nuttily Denying Davis' Claims

The Ugly American quotes from Lanny Davis’ Wall Street Journal opinion piece decrying the vitriol in the leftwing blogosphere and finds some of those criticizing Davis for citing blog commenters, rather than bloggers, need only look in the mirror for the examples Davis failed to cite.

Here is a quote from the Davis piece on left wing vitriol:

A friend of mine just returned from Connecticut, where he had spoken on several occasions on behalf of Joe Lieberman. He happens to be a liberal antiwar Democrat, just as I am. He is also a lawyer. He told me that within a day of a Lamont event-where he asked the candidate some critical questions-some of his clients were blitzed with emails attacking him and threatening boycotts of their products if they did not drop him as their attorney. He has actually decided not to return to Connecticut for the primary today; he is fearful for his physical safety.

Mr. Lamont and all other liberal Democrats should remember the McCarthy era and not fall into the trap of the hypocrisy of the double standard-that it’s not OK when Ann Coulter dispenses her venomous hatred, but it is OK when our side’s versions of Ann Coulter do.

Be sure to follow the link to the Ugly American’s post about some leftwing bloggers Davis could have cited.

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