Wheel Kicking Needed

One of the features we’ve been working hardest on for Wizbang is a post rating system.

The system is in trials at the Wizbang Bomb Squad site. All entries have a + or a – with which you can vote for or against a post. In the planning stages for this feature we considered the 5 star system, and several others, but settled on the thumbs up/thumbs down model.

The ratings are an integral piece of our new look, since we will be be making extensive use of ratings in presentation of content. For example you can see an alternate front page listing for the Bomb Squad here, which presents entries in order of popularity. Of course that’s just teaser for the new feature; we’re working out integration, load, and display issues. Expect the more and more of the Wizbang sites to get the ratings piece added as we prepare for rollout of Wizbang 2.0 later this month.

If we get it right (which we believe we will) the same set of pages will serve those who want to see entries chronologically and those who want to see them presented based on other variables such as popularity, category, author, activity, tags, etc. Wizbang readers will get to choose the look that works best for them and have it remembered across sessions. Of course you’ll always be a click away from a different view.

So, please, please, please, kick the doors on the rating system at the Bomb Squad and the Popular Entries page and let us know what you think.

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