"The mice voted to bell the cat"

Well, the United States and France have agreed on a tentative ceasefire in Lebanon.

Unfortunately, neither the United States nor France are a party to the fighting.

The fighting is between Israel (a sovereign state) and Hezbollah (a terrorist organization). Hezbollah is the de facto government in southern Lebanon, as well as a legitimate political party with a sizable representation in the de jure government of Lebanon.

The solution presented by the United States and France sounds good, but there’s one tiny hitch: any outside solution has to be accepted by the involved parties, and it has to be enforceable. Getting Israel to abide is not that difficult — they are, after all, a civilized nation-state. And if that doesn’t work, there are plenty of other ways (economic, diplomatic, and so on) to “encourage” them to go along.

With Hezbollah, though, only a few parties have enough leverage to sway them short of outright violence. And even then is problematic — recall how they treated the peacekeepers in Beirut back in 1983.

The only feasible solution I can see is for Israel to do what Lebanon and the United Nations have not been able to achieve in years, and that is to wrest the southern portion of Lebanon from Hezbollah’s control, then turn it over to the vaunted “international force” — and that force must be prepared to enforce the separation by force.

Naturally, that is the last thing Hezbollah wants. They say that they will not accept a ceasefire before Israel withdraws entirely from Lebanese territory. (The dirty little secret is that they are including the Shebaa Farms, and that territory is, like the Golan Heights, being held by Israel until it gets a peace treaty with Syria.) Their plan is simple: get Israel to withdraw, move back quickly, declare a great victory, and then make damned certain the “peacekeepers” don’t do a damned thing — just like they haven’t done a damned thing in the last six years.

In the meantime, though, the United States is doing the precise thing we should be doing: keeping the various busybodies doing what they do best (talking pointlessly) while Israel does what needs to be done in destroying Hezbollah.

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