Lawyers in love

New Hampshire is a small state, both in area and population. But we’re not so small that certain things can’t be avoided — like finding romance in inappropriate places.

Susan Corcoran works for the Merrimack County Superior Court system, and apparently is quite the fetching woman. She managed to win the affections of two suitors at the same time. And apparently there was no impropriety involved in the whole thing — right up until those suitors happened to meet at that courthouse.

You see, one of her beaus was the defense attorney in a murder trial, while the other was the judge in that same case.

The defendant, accused of killing a baby several years ago, was eventually convicted of manslaughter. But it was during the appeal process that both men became aware of the other’s involvement with Ms. Corcoran, and recused themselves.

Right now, the court’s chief judge and the state attorney general’s office are trying to sort out just who was dating who at what time, and whether any violations of policies and regulations occurred. The initial findings are that it was messy and convoluted and a touch odd, but not quite to the level of actionable.

In the meantime, the judge has been transferred, and the attorney won’t be trying any cases before him any time soon.

Just another reminder of the pitfalls of office romances…

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