Cheney's "Elvis" Appeal

Warner Todd Huston makes a great point about the AP’s shock that Dick Cheney is popular with Republican audiences.

They certainly seem amazed that anyone could respect Dick Cheney since, according to them, “Cheney is favorably regarded by only about a third of Americans”. This one third statistic is pretty normal for just about anyone who has any well known contention swirling about them. After all, it is well accepted by historians that only one third of the American colonists supported the Revolutionary war, too. People who take strong stands often find that they get the adoration of one third, the outright hatred of one third and no opinion out of the last third.

Still, it is amusing to see the shock with which the AP views support among GOP faithful for the man they elected to office, that same man the press was claiming added “gravitas” to the presidential ticket back in 2000.

And, while the AP loves to trumpet the “beating” Cheney’s reputation has taken, every aspect of their story proves the opposite is true.

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