The BBC Terrorism Awards

Just when I think nothing can surprise me, something does. Michelle Malkin writes about an incredibly insensitive BBC “comedy”:

These stills are from a BBC comedy called “Time Trumpet” (big hat tip – Steve J). The show features a satirical “Terrorism Awards” show with nominees including a “lone gunman” who shoots Tony Blair in the head as he sleeps with his wife; a 9/11-style video of terrorists crashing an airliner into the Houses of Parliament; and a Tel Aviv suicide bombing.

A barrel of laughs there, huh? Michelle has still shots from the show, more descriptions of the content and video at Hot Air. Michelle posts contact info for the BBC and reminds us how concerned they were to not offend Muslims regarding the Mohammed cartoons.

Note to BBC: Notice, you arbiters of cultural sensitivity, that we Americans will not be burning down the British embassy or calling for your beheadings or forcing your news hosts into hiding in fear for their lives.

That is the difference between us and them. But it’s all a joke to you.

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