Ned Lamont's Blog Problem

Ned Lamont lackey, and former Hollywood producer Jane Hamsher [Ed – Originally munged by a spell checker to read Hamster], who went from just covering the Democratic primary in Connecticut to actually packing up and relocating to the state for the race has cobbled together a few of her Ned Lamont/Joe Lieberman campaign coverage pieces (1,2,3) from FireDogLake and posted them as a single entry at The Huffington Post.

Ordinarily that wouldn’t merit a mention, but Hamsher’s choice of image to accompany her piece did cause the blogosphere to take notice. Though the subject of Bill Clinton’s appearance on the campaign trail with Lieberman (mentioned in a Washington Post profile today) is never mentioned in her HuffPo piece, she lead off the entire piece with this lovely bit of racist imagery (since removed):


Coziness with bloggers like Hamsher (and several million of his own dollars) helped propel Lamont from nowhere into a tight race for the Democratic nomination U.S Senator, but that coziness comes with a price. When one of their biggest boosters has a Kos-style “Screw ‘Em” moment like this, they have little choice but to distance themselves; potentially alienating their biggest boosters…

With six days left until the primary can Lamont won’t be able to ignore the racist overtones in Hamsher’s picture, especially if the story of the smear gains traction in the mainstream press. Given the nation-wide interest in the race this kind of story is exactly what Lamont doesn’t need, and a looks like a gift for Lieberman.

On the Ground with Lamont/Lieberman – [The Huffington Post] (cached)

Update: Mark Coffey excoriates Arriana Huffington for her sites attempt “to doctor the historical record by removing the photo with no correction, explanation, or apology.” Given that she had to be dragged over the coals kicking and screaming by George Clooney to admit that she “repurposed” Clooney quotes as a blog post, it’s hardly suprising she chose the deceitful path in this matter as well.

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