More Qana Propaganda

Dan Riehl has the goods on another Qana propaganda campaign reported by the MSM. This time it involves the allegation that Israel bombed two ambulances carrying innocent Lebanese civilians:

Click here for a large blow up of the inside of the ambulance. It seems the missile that allegedly hit the van from above never managed to get inside. There is no hole in the floor, though someone was smart enough to pile up some rubbish where it should be. But there’s also another problem. From the accounts, there was a man lying on one of the built in gurneys pictured – his leg severed by the missile. So how is it that neither gurney shows any damage at all? What was this, laser surgery? And still there’s much more, please read it all.

The roof of the ambulance is caved but the floor and side board are perfectly flat. The driver said there was a huge explosion and a fire, I couldn’t tell it from the image of the inside of the van, can you? And in the image at left you’ll see that the windshield caved in. There’s no way that would happen from an explosion where it is alleged to have taken place. And in the large image linked above, note the complete absence of any glass at all inside the van from the many side windows – not one shred of glass at all. That’s likely because it was removed months ago.

Also, inside the van – no smoke damage at all. There is no discoloration, but we’re supposed to believe that the ordinance exploded in there while the van was closed? No singe marks on anything, nothing. There’s no way this adds up to an explosion and fire as the driver stated. Not to mention not a visible drop of blood from what is described as a severe wound taking off part of a man’s leg and injuring two others.

Read the rest of Dan’s post.

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