Introducing WizbangTV


Some of you may have noticed that we slipped a new site into sidebar yesterday. The site is WizbangTV, a project that’s been in the works for a while.

What is WizbangTV?

WizbangTV is a blog that covers the exploding online video communities such as YouTube, VideoEgg, Google Video, and a host of others. We’ll cover the newly minted celebrities, the viral videos, and the use of the networks by companies and politicians. While the site will be heavy on video, it will contain plenty of commentary and will serve as an excellent starting point in your exploration of the YouTube world. We’ll give you the behind the scenes information of the videos, their creators, and why some succeed and others fail. In short it’s going to anything but ordinary.

Also, if you’re obsessed with YouTube and want to share that obsession with the whole world, we’re looking for you! Editor and intern positions at WizbangTV are open, so drop us a line at jobs at wizbangblog dot com if you’re interested. Be creative, heck, you can even send a video resume.

WizbangTV is in the process of getting a fresh coat of paint (via Apothegm Designs), but in the interim it’s being ably served by Liz Lubowitz’s winning entry in Six Apart’s Style Contest.

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