A Question To Ponder

I really like this question posted in a comments thread by USMC Pilot. It is one of those that makes you think:


If a member/s of a terrorist group commits an act of murder, is the entire group guilty, or just the ones who do the killing?I am not a lawyer and don’t have much knowledge of military rules or laws, so I am simply speaking from a common sense perspective, but it seems to me that terrorist groups engage in conspiracy. If a person joins a group that advocates terrorist activity, especially those advocating the murder of innocents, aren’t they entering a conspiracy to commit murder? The legal requirements would depend on the specifics of each case, no doubt, but I firmly believe that anyone joining a group known to blow up women and children and chop people’s heads off, is conspiring to commit murder. I don’t know what the elements of conspiracy are, though. Any lawyers want to comment on this one?

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