Which side has the "culture of corruption?"

In North Carolina, a former state lawmaker has admitted to switching his political party from Republican to Democrat in exchange for $50,000 and a job for his son. The deal, offered by a Democratic legislator (as yet unnamed), kept the North Carolina House split politically and allowed the status quo of co-speakers to be preserved.

I’m going to depart from the standard political BS here and say that the fact that this was a Democratic scandal means nothing. Neither party has a monopoly on scandals, and neither has a lock on integrity. Their scandals have different stereotypical “flavors,” but they’re pretty much interchangeable.

I get thoroughly disgusted with the partisan hacks of both sides that revel in the scandals of the other party, and use them as clubs to bludgeon their opponents. All such scandals are reprehensible, be they William Jefferson Clinton, Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramoff, Jesse Jackson, or anyone, they’re all despicable and contemptible and they all deserve to spend time making big rocks into little ones.

If anything, the “party” that all these scandals ought to be lain at the feet of is the Incumbent party.

And it makes me even gladder I’m a declared Independent.

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