Jerome Armstrong's Nutroots (Followup)

William Beutler at Blog P.I. notices a paragraph from Jerome Armstrong at MyDD that confirms what Wizbang exclusively reported last month, MyDD was purged of Armstrong’s astrology writings. Here’s how Jerome puts it:

Writing the articles under a pen name, associated to me the lack of seriousness with which I approached the matter of looking at politics through the astrological spectrum with, but to others I guess they thought I was hiding the matter. Obviously they don’t go away, but I had them deleted from the site to make the issue clear about their relative weight in my political thinking.

He also weighs in on the Patrick Hynes/McCain controversy and his SEC troubles, which he chalks up as “naive mistakes” which cause him no loss of sleep. I imagine the folks who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars based on his huckstering have had their share of sleepless nights…

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