How Can We Fight Them?

Will Collier asks how we can fight Islamofascism:

One of the more pressing questions in the ongoing war against Islamofascism is, how do we fight these people?

It’s not just an academic question. The opponents of classical liberal civilization have become adept at using the West’s principles against us. The Geneva Conventions, for instance, were originally designed to protect both civilian populations and members of lawful armies from mistreatment. Terrorists from Lebanon to Somalia to Afghanistan, with no small amount of help from jurists and journalists in the West, have learned to turn those principles on their heads, regularly using civilian populations as shields from attack, only to turn and claim “atrocity” when attacks are carried out against terrorists hiding amist civilians. They have also used the West’s legal systems as defenses, claiming rights to which they are not entitled under the letters of prior treaties, but accepting no responsibility for their own barbaric treatment of captured Western soldiers or civilians.

These conditions are not likely to change. Gunmen in Mogadishu learned early that Americans do not attack women and children; they quite literally hid behind civilian women while shooting at US troops as a result. What then can the response be from the civilized world?
He goes on to talk about the Israel – Hezbollah conflict. Read it all.

This is something that I wonder about often. Those on the American left constantly criticize the length of time we have been in Iraq, and question the progress made there and in Afghanistan, yet they want our troops to fight with one hand tied behind their backs. They don’t give our military, or the administration, any credit for the great lengths that have been taken to minimize civilian casualties and to lessen human suffering. (Remember those food drops into Afghanistan? They were laughed at by many.) Instead of praising our military for the excellent job done, and the comparatively low casualty rates we have achieved, many in this country, to gain political advantage, concentrate on acts (some real and some just alleged) at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere.

I sometimes wonder if we had gone into Iraq with no regard for innocent human life, if our troops might be home by now. But we do honor innocent life, and that sometimes is to our disadvantage. Our enemies know this and they use it against those in our armed forces everyday. It happens in the field when our soldiers are fighting cowards hiding behind women and children and even, to a smaller extent, as seen in Kim’s post from last night, to the guards at Guantanamo who are regularly attacked.

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