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Wizbang Pop! celeb blogger Tracey Kane (aka trikc), is, as always, blogging up a storm; in part because she’s got a lot more free time lately. Friday she was part of a corporate downsizing which has left her in a lurch since there was no severance package provided and the layoff was a surprise. In case you’re curious it had nothing to do with blogging.

We very rarely mention the PayPal donation button, but it is times like these when we call on the generosity of Wizbang readers to help out a blogger who has fallen on tough times.

All PayPal donations go to me, and I in turn forward them all to Tracey. As usual I’ll cover out of my own pocket all of the PayPal fees so that 100% of the money donated will go directly to Tracey.

Speaking for everyone at Wizbang, we thank you in advance.

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