Juan Williams Follows In Cosby's Footsteps

Betsy Newmark’s history class was addressed by Juan Williams recently and from the sound of his message and his new book, the same people who attacked Bill Cosby for telling black parents to take responsibility will likely have something to say about Williams soon.

Whew! Williams isn’t pulling punches. And I expect he’ll take a lot of hits from the black leaders who are exposed in his book. In fact, I hope that there is a lot of heat about this book so that more and more people hear about his message. For Williams is not only sounding the alarm, he is also prescribing what has to happen to change. And it’s a simple message to young people. The path to a more successful life is clear: stay in school. Even if it’s a crummy school, stay in and graduate. Get a job and keep it, no matter how low it seems to you. And wait until you’re married to have children. In fact, wait until your twenties to have children. Work first and make sure you can afford a child. Stop blaming whites for your problems and practice some of that self-reliance that previous fighters for rights believed in.

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