Wizbang Podcast #31 is up

The 31st edition of the Wizbang Podcast is up for your listening pleasure. Here’s what I talk about today:

  1. Incentives Count – Even for Terrorists
  2. Harvard Professor Calls for More Civilian Deaths in Lebanon – But what is a Civilian?
  3. Calling the War by It’s Real Name – Santorum calls it what it is

Hear from Lawrence Korb, Alan Dershowitz, and Rick Santorum with differing views on the war.

Go and listen!

Note: Even if you don’t use iTunes, a podcatcher, or any other fancy tech gizmo’s, if you have speakers on your computer you can listen to a streaming version of the show via the Audioblog control at the top of the story.

Missing the point
Photos Smuggled out of Lebanon Damn Hezbollah